Insurance Companies: How They Spy on You

Do you ever wonder how insurance companies keep track of your activities? It turns out that they may be spying on you. Insurance companies may hire private investigators to monitor your activities in one location, either by hiding in a vehicle or through the use of a video camera. Surprisingly, it is generally legal for a private investigator to follow you. This is because most evidence collected in a public setting is considered legally obtained.

For example, if you are seen working in your yard or standing on the front porch, you are likely to be in public view and therefore not have an expectation of privacy. However, if you avoid getting immediate medical attention and then don't follow your doctor's instructions, the insurance company could use this as a basis to deny your claim or significantly reduce its value. It is important to be aware of the ways that insurance companies may be monitoring your activities. Knowing this information can help you make sure that you are not putting yourself at risk of having your claim denied or reduced.

Darrell Trimboli
Darrell Trimboli

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