How do insurance companies calculate a settlement?

Once the insurer has arrived at a settlement figure, it must decide what to offer. The first offer will be a percentage of what the insurer believes is the final value of the case. For example, the insurer may require that the first offer be 40% of the case value. There is no industry-wide standard in this regard.

Learn more about the factors that determine the value of personal injury compensation. Nowadays, many companies use computer programs to help them calculate a liquidation figure. These programs consider the type of injury, the medical treatment requested, and the resulting (estimated) pain and suffering. They also raise the red flag if some aspects of a claim appear suspicious (e.g., if medical bills seem excessive for the type of injury).

Many insurance companies use computer programs to evaluate specific injuries or treatment codes, average settlements, and jury verdicts. These programs usually project a series of agreements that adjusters use as the basis for their offer. With the right documentation, a good lawyer usually moves up the chain and hires senior adjusters who have the authority to go beyond the standard offer. While it's generally considered a wise decision to hire a car accident lawyer after an accident, in minor collisions, you may think that you can save on an attorney's fees if you manage the insurance claim yourself.

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